Saturday, January 7, 2012

How the Republican Primaries Remind me of Hamsters

It came to me last night while I was falling asleep. I wondered, ''When I wake up will there be one less Republican candidate for president?' Somewhere in the world, a child went to sleep wondering " When I wake up will there be one less baby hamster in the cage?"

Yeah, I learned this lesson early in life when a friend's hamster gave birth then ate her kids one by one. You would go back to the cage and suddenly, another baby hamster was gone and the mom hamster looked suspiciously satisfied. Right now, I think the Media is like the hamster mom. Every morning I turn on the TV to George Stephanopoulos and other reporters looking suspiciously satisfied that another Republican candidate shot up in popularity only to drop in the polls.

I want to tap on the glass and say "Hey, Hamster Mom, you are going to need one of those babies in the fall election. Don't eat them all up so quickly!!

I suspect all I will hear in return is a burp.

1 comment:

lime said...

oh let her eat them all and spare us the agony of cleaning out the cage!