Friday, April 13, 2012

New dog. Pee. Hair. oh dear...

I haven't posted for awhile so you may wonder how I am doing.

Well, let me just say, I came to the library today to use the computer for this search:
"My dog pee'd on me. What does that mean?"

So, I think I have officially flipped from being unconventional to being eccentric. Maybe that morph happened a long time ago and I am just now realizing it. Who but the most eccentric people get pee'd on by dogs?

Anyway....the dog in question is a 3 1/2 month old puppy. I don't have a camera on my phone right now so can't share pics quite yet. He is a black lab/border collie mix. He is all black with brown eyes, floppy ears and medium long snout.
He is my re-bound dog who I acquired after my 10 year old beagle Sir Poopalot had to be put down. Long story short, Sir Poopalot had kidney failure. I miss him. After the new dog pee'd on me, I REALLY miss my beagle!

The funny thing is that I am not mad by the puppy's behavior. I am shocked. I yelled a bit when it happened. Then, I laughed. Now, let me tell you where he pee'd on me: my hair. Yep. He came up on the bed, bounced around all excited. I scrunched under my covers because I was sleepy. He seemed to fixate on the back of my head which was the only part not covered by blankets. He jumped on my head and pee'd. It was gross.

I am worried that I am slowly turning into the stinky old lady who lets her animals do whatever they want and who has no desire to be socially acceptable. My lack of outrage at my dog's behavior makes me wonder at my ability to fit into human society! I think my ability to relate to humans is being replaced by my amusement for my pet's odd behaviors.

So anyway, dog pee in the hair. How was I to know he would do that? I thought he would just dance around the covers then settle down for a nap. I guess the dog pee is only a reflection on my oddness if I leave the house without washing my hair. And just so you know, I did. Oh. I. did.wash. my. hair. I WASHED my hair over and over again.

P.S. I checked the internet and apparently, many people get pee'd on by their dogs. So, I feel better.

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lime said...

sorry to hear about sir poopalot. if the puppy were a girl i'd suggest naming her pissilla.