Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hello Friend, It's me , Mary's Butt. Are you there? Hello?

Recently I must have accidentally called a co-worker/friend. She calls it a "butt dial" which is a common term. She says she heard lots of "strange noises" .  Well...if this had been a literal "butt dial",  we would know what she meant by strange noises.

Anyway, I am not sure where I was when I accidentally made the call but I can guarantee the noises would have been related to my Lab-mix puppy. There would be the sounds of tumbling and running and me yelling:

"Don't eat that shoe..."
"Don't eat the couch!"
"Don't eat the cat."
"Don't eat the cat food."
"Don't eat the cat poop."
"Don't eat my book or my socks or my sweater."


"Don't eat the kitchen floor."
"Don't eat the sliding glass door!!"


"Don't eat the grass.
"Don't eat the tree."
 "Please do not dig up the daffodil bulbs and eat them too!"


Sounds like  a freaking Dr. Seuss book .
(Do not eat green eggs and ham....)


Anyway.  A "butt dial" is a funny thing because when someone tells you that you have done it to them, suddenly it feels like a lost opportunity, a missed connection. For five minutes there was an open line between me and my co-worker's cell phones. Neither of us were there for the "conversation", yet we were there. Our electronic proxies the call button and the voice mail box were there for us. And nothing happened. If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? If phone call is accidentally made is it really a phone call?

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lime said...

when someone butt dials me i feel like a bit of a spy listening to whatever they didn't intend me to hear.