Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I was entering a store recently. It had two sets of doors with a small vestibule in between. You have probably encountered these in your local mall. One door takes you from outside in, then the next door,  just a few feet away,  takes you from inside the building to inside the shop.

There were three of us entering at the same time. One person opens the outside door for the three of us (she is frail and perhaps might be seen as  "handicapped"  but not really because she is able bodied enough to open the door for her fellow shoppers.) The next person opens the next door. So far, I have not opened any door and since there are no further entrances, I can't return the favor to either of these folks. I am a big believer in holding the door for others: either the full-on hold and stand back for the next person to pass or the hold it open from behind as you walk thru to make sure the door doesn't slam in someone else's face.   Here, though, I was  encountering a situation where obviously, all three of us are "door holders" willing to let others walk before us.

I hesitate. Protocol would be to let the person who opened the first door walk in first, especially since she appears to be "handicapped" with her cane and slow gait,  but she is hesitating.  Second tier protocol would require me to say  "No need to hold the door. Go right ahead. I will hold it." But I didn't. You will probably think me impolite when you hear what I did.  In my defense I felt that decisive action was needed to prevent three overly polite individuals from being stuck in a vestibule wanting to hold the door for the other two folks.

I quickly walked through the door, head up, eyes straight ahead, mumbling a thank you. I left the door holders in the dust to discuss what an a$$ I was for not holding one of the doors.

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lime said...

way to take one for the team. hehehehe