Tuesday, October 30, 2012

" I knew LPs. I listened to LPs. MP3s, You are not LPs"

Sighhh....On the good side I will say that my new HTC phone is FANTASTIC. I can listen to radio stations from around the world. I can listen to music from around the internet. HOWEVER....

It is kind of odd to get all of my musical needs met by my telephone.

Sure, I go to the library and check out CDs but it is not the same. New music is not made the same as it used to be. Back when music was on an LP, the entire album MEANT something. The musicians spent a great deal of time thinking about WHAT ORDER to place their songs. If it was a 45, they thought about what was the A side song and what was the B side song. Besides the music, the art, the title, the acknowledgements all meant something. An LP or a CD were an experience above and beyond the music.

Now, I can get a song as an MP3 download or I can stream it or I can create a Pandora radio station around one song and all the other similar songs. I can check out music on You Tube ( a GREAT place to listen to music)  It is not the same. Just not the same as going to a record store and buying the entire album or CD.

Sooo...musically....I have been dipping my toe into Country music (a place I thought I would never go.). I get the CDs from the library. I am randomly picking them because 1) I don't know anyone who can recommend musicians to me (well, the ladies at work sometimes listen to the country music stations but no one can actually remember the names of songs or musicians as they really listen to the radio for traffic and weather reports) 2) I figure if I randomly select music, my  instincts can guide me. My rational brain keeps saying "whhhhy arrree you subjecting me to whinneyyy music???"

Here are a few observations gleaned from my random selections:

1) I prefer CDs where the musicians are NOT making eye contact.  Seriously. Listen to a CD where the artist is looking straight into the camera and compare it to one where the artist is either not on the cover or not looking straight forward. 9 times out of 10...no eye contact means better music

2) Country musicians with facial hair sound more country and/or are better musicians. (this is for the male artists only.)

3) Bright colors on the CD= sell out. Browns, blacks, greens and other muted colors=serious

4) I frankly can't tell the difference between some of the musicians shelved in pop and the musicians shelved in country. I think the genres are morphing together. 

Anyway...I am going to post some music I have been listening to on You Tube... none of these folks are country musicians, that I know of.... I am still acquiring the taste for country music and have already posted my limited likes: Zac Brown and Shooter Jennings... I am sure I will find more that I like. Just needs time.


lime said...

ok, i don't think i ever would have made a connection between eye contact and not on an album cover as is correlates to quality of music. i love how you think.

(M)ary said...

Thank you....
I think because I spend my time flipping thru the CDs at the library with no particular idea of which artist I want to hear, I notice the covers. And, at least in the country section, I notice that the glossier more posed covers (which include eye contact) do not equal music that I am going to enjoy!