Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Weather Report: Wurply and cold

Here is a snapshot from my back yard. It may seem a bit grainy but I think you might be able to see the color. I took the picture because there was a very strange purplish color in the air one evening. It was right before sunset on a cold day during a time when the edge of the Sandy storm lashed our city. We only got high cold winds here in the mid-west south of the Great Lakes area. Still, it was enough of a high wind to make me feel sorry for the folks to the East.

When I took this picture, I thought the purple haze was a hint of worse weather, but nothing worse happened.   Thankfully.

Still, the purple freaked me out.

In kindergarten as we draw, we learn skies are blue, sun is yellow, grass is green.  People are made of sticks and we can place them in our pictures wherever we like.  Then, we grow up and learn, stick people are not real and real people will refuse to be placed where we like. We learn that grass turns brown in a drought. We learn the sun is a huge ball of fire that will burn our eyes if we look at it so who the hell knows what color it really is....However, the sky remains reliably blue. Apparently, that is not true.  I saw the sky turn purple and now I wonder, what the hell else that I think is  unchangeable will change?

P.S.... I wrote this post in the library while sitting next to an extremely stinky man. I hope the five people who read my blog will appreciate the effort! *gag*....I am reminded of the Seinfeld episode about the valet who left B.O. in Seinfeld's car. The guy has left the seat next to me but the B.O. remains. I hope the B.O. doesn't stick to me and follow me around all day!!!

PSPS....new weather term   windy + purple = wurply


lime said...

and hey, as a person living on the east coast i can tell you there were moments during the storm when the sky was green. green i say.

lime said...

and i do appreciate what you suffered to bring us this post. ;)