Friday, November 23, 2012

Not Shopping till I Drop Today

I am currently in the library waiting for my laundry to finish the wash cycle. (the laundry mat is across the parking lot...I have gotten to be an expert at knowing how long I can fiddle on the computer before I have to go throw the clothes into the dryer. Ok, maybe not...sometimes I forget the laundry and get all caught up in browsing the internet...)

Thanksgiving this year was fairly uneventful. I left work early on Wednesday feeling ill. I should have called in sick that day but since it was the start of a 4 day weekend, it is frowned upon. If you skip work, everyone assumes you are doing it in order to squeeze another day out of the already long weekend. So, instead I sat at my desk feeling like I was about to throw up until I couldn't stand it any longer. I ran out of the building and drove home hoping to not blow chunks in public.

I was feeling a little bit better yesterday, but still not well enough to eat turkey or even hear anyone talk about turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberries, etc.  DO YOU REALIZE HOW MUCH THE MEDIA TALKS ABOUT FOOD ON THANKSGIVING??? Well, you would realize it if you had the flu on Thanksgiving and just wanted to watch mindless TV which DID NOT include food chatter.

Today is that other holiday....the shopping holiday which I am avoiding participating in on the principle that our society has become waaaayyyy toooo focused on "getting a good deal" and "not paying full price." If I have to hear about one more stinking sale or how I can use my damn cell phone to get the best price or see another "where to find the best deal" 10 minute news-mercial (which is a "morning news segment which is really just a commercial for products") , I will SCREAM. If I could afford it, I would go to a store pick out all of the "full priced" items, buy them then stand on the check out counter conveyor belt with a mega phone and scream: " I paid full price! Suck on that!"

Seriously. What is full price anyway?  If everyone buys their sh$t on sale, then the stores will just jack up their prices artificially so that the sale price is actually the price they need to sell it at to make a profit and is really no longer a sale. 

And, don't get me started on the bragging that will happen on Monday..." I bought this Coach purse for $10!" (it is a knock off)  "I bought my son gym shoes for $10!" (someone else's son in a third world country was paid 10 cents and worked 10 hours a day to make the shoes.)  "I bought this coat for $10." (I  sat in line in 30 degree weather for several hours waiting for the store to open because my life lacks excitement and I use shopping to fill the emptiness.)

So....hey...Happy Black Friday.


lime said...

oh yuck, i am so sorry you were ill on thanksgiving. not fun at all!

as for today, i couldn't agree more. i have been at home, in front of the fire diddling on the laptop and watching movies all day. i want nothing to do with that consumeristic orgy and you're right about the true cost of those sales too.

Lynilu said...

I have never "done" Black Friday shopping. I can't think of any savings that would make it worth it.

Sorry you were ill. Actually several friends and family members have reported same. "Must be sumthin goin' around." Words of wisdom for the day.

Get well!