Saturday, December 1, 2012


As I look in the full length mirror, checking for cat hair, lint, upturned collar or drooping threads, I notice my body type has changed since I have moved well past 40 on my way to 50. I now have what I call a " fatorso". I am of average weight, not too big, not too small, but what I do have settles south of my shoulders, north of my knees. Hence, a "fat" torso. When I say fat, I don't mean it in the pejorative sense. I mean it biologically. As in, the fat cells have returned from the nether regions of my body and created a city on the hill of my abdomen. I imagine at conception and birth, the fat cells are sent out from the biological headquarters with the instructions: "Go forth and populate the baby. Make the cheeks round and cute. Pad the feet for running and fill the arms for strength." I also imagine at conception and birth, the fat cells were given this imperative: "We will meet back at the torso in 50 years! Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, when the baby grows into a middle aged adult, make your way to the middle of the body." Yeah. Like getting older requires that your hips and tummy need air bags in case of falls. Most folks have the same or similar problems : our butts sag or our butts disappear into our back fat; our bellies jiggle and need flowing blouses reminiscent of maternity clothes. I firmly believe there is a biological reason for our bodies getting pudgier with age. It could be nature's way of making sure only young folks wear mini-skirts and skinny jeans. Regardless, all I really wanted to say was "fatorso"...I thought of that word as I looked in the full length mirror the other day.

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lime said...

those darn fat cells,....i think you're right they do have a set meeting date!