Thursday, December 20, 2012

drama queen moment

I stand strong, my fingers cold on tiny screws twisting and turning. Finally, I feel it loosen and I know the task will be easier from this point forward, as long as I don't drop anything. It is dark, inky jet black dark because the sun has set and if the moon is out, the clouds have hidden it.
I sigh. I can't give up. I have to do this. The weather may be cold and wet and windy now but if the reports are true, it will only be worse in the morning.
"I must soldier on", I tell myself. I stand tall, proud. I hope the neighbors see me and say to their loved ones "I had no idea she could do this! Look, children and learn!"
I reach up because I must stand just a little bit on my toes to see. Fumble. Fumble. Oh wait there we go. All done. Now I just need to put the metal top back in place. Lining the holes up so the screws fit is not as easy at it looks but I power through and complete the task. I rush back inside to a warm cup of cocoa.
I flip a switch, look outside at the lamppost in the front yard. worked

I changed a light bulb.


Lynilu said...

True travails of life.

Bwa ha ha ha!

lime said...

thus answering the question, "how many bloggers does it take...."