Saturday, December 29, 2012

Random words, Random pictures.

So, I reposted the phone art....(ph-art). When I send pics from my actual phone,  the carrier I have seems to insist on stamping their name all over it....While downloading and uploading the picture from my cell onto the library computer, I discovered that all of the pictures from my prior blogs are still accessible to me. I found a picture of my dog Sir Poopalot...he died this past January. It is so frustrating that almost all of my pictures of him are digitally stored somewhere like old phones or on the web rather than being stuffed into box in the closet like all of the photos I took in the 1990's are stored! I do have one actual picture of him placed in the mirror in the bathroom next to a picture of my cat who has passed on...darn those pets. You get attached to them while they hang around the house doing practically nothing or nothing practically.

It's funny that the pictures from my past two blogs are still around but the words are gone. Just as well. We are all writing in the sand anyway no matter what medium we use. Ink fades. Paper rots. Electronic devices become obsolete.  Spoken word is forgotten. Now don't get all depressed or think I am all depressed. Just making an observation.
Looking at the pictures remind me what I must have written about in the past but sometimes I look at the pictures and wonder. I found a drawing of feet; an Xray and an odd cartoon about a hair style....Hm....Let me re-post them here randomly with no other explanation of their meaning...
( the very bottom of this post is the letter I which is really, really random because I didn't mean for it to be there! Aw fits with the randomness of this post.)

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