Wednesday, December 5, 2012

you wear those jeans with such passive-aggressive pizazz!

When I was in my late 20's and early 30's which would have been in the 1990's, I had a group of friends who, in retrospect seemed inordinately concerned with "passive-aggressiveness".
"That driver is driving passive-aggressively";
 "I am sorry, was that passive-aggressive?"; "My (choose one: parent, sibling, boyfriend, girlfriend) is SO passive-aggressive!"

 Here was my favorite phrase. I still use it.
"Better passive-aggressive than aggressive-aggressive!"

I lived in the Ann Arbor, MI area in the 90's and I think folks there, God Bless Them,  were highly evolved or liked to think of themselves as highly evolved. They recycled long before it was cool.  They were into therapy long before Dr. Phil hit the airwaves. So, it is no wonder, being that I lived in such a self-analyzing, self-righteous town, that I would have worried about passive-aggressiveness.

I will admit that I probably was passive-aggressive, maybe I still am. However, I always thought the concern for passive-aggressiveness was a mark of a spoiled existence. I am sure that the folks caught in war and violence in Afghanistan, the Congo, Syria, Gaza would LOVE to have their worst problem be how passive-aggressively their sister-in-law spoke to them the other day.
I haven't thought much about passive-aggressiveness since that group of friends broke up. I am not even sure why I am thinking of it now...

Maybe, it has something to do with the "activity committee" at work. We have this committee of folks who collect money and then are supposed to plan events and charity opportunities with the money collected. This past Friday we were supposed to give $5 to wear jeans and the money was to go to the Christmas Family. Well, we had already collected $900 for the family the week before AND we were each to pick a gift to buy for the family on top of that. So, in my opinion, it feels like the activity committee just keeps sucking us dry. They are a bit like the, tax, tax. I and a few other folks in the department rebelled and refused to wear jeans. There was a small group of people who wore the jeans but refused to pay (they were a bit like the Republicans...pout,pout,pout about having to pay.)

Anyway, there was quite an under-current of tension in regards to the jeans and the $5 throughout the department. It felt like one big passive-aggressive party; with each side making snide remarks to the other, then gossiping with their like-minded co-workers.

Sighh...well, like I said...lucky the  soul whose biggest concern is the passive-aggressive behavior of co-workers.

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