Saturday, January 26, 2013

The pitter patter of little birds in the snow.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I went to the mall this morning. I don't go there much so I didn't realize the stores were closed at 10am but the mall was open. Spooky. There were mall walkers, lonely folks sitting alone, cleaning staff....and a very unusual topiary atop a fountain.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

From the top down. My outfit today: pink winter coat, sassy orange blouse, black Olive Oil style skirt, green leggings you can' t see and snow boots ( not needed because it is a dry, sunny but windy day).

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Words I have learned recently

Well...not so much learned as seen or heard them and wondered about their meaning.

Leveret: a hare less than 1 year old

"My cat ate the leveret and spit up a hare ball."

Skeuomorph: a design on an object copied from the form of a completely different object
"My favorite skeuomorph is the wood paneling on a navy blue pt cruiser."

Albedo: reflection or radiation from the sun onto earth and bounced back into space.

"Put your sunglasses on --- that albedo from earth is blinding," said the alien from another galaxy .

Haline force: something to do with water temperatures causing density impelled circulation of the ocean , in particular a changing in direction of the flow.

"When the glaciers melt and oceans engulf the coast, I will shrug my shoulders and think haline force gotta do what it does."

Armistice: when fighting countries or people agree to stop fighting

"I wonder if the Americans who celebrated the first Armistice Day, 11/11/1918 thought war was over forever. If they did, they were dumbasses."

Let's hope that by 2018, we have a more permanent armistice.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Podcast Addiction Part II
" Amazing stories straight from Mother Nature"

This is one of my favorite radio programs/podcasts: "Snap Judgment". It is a story telling program much like "This American Life" but perhaps, more hip than This American Life, if that is possible.

This episode (which you can access by hitting the link above) is one that I absolutely love. I have listened to it TWICE. Usually, I can't stand to listen to something I have already heard because there are sooo many podcasts to hear, I don't have time to go back and re-listen even if it is a good podcast. I broke my "no re-listening rule" for this episode of Snap Judgment.
It is broken into several stories which you can listen to by themselves or you can listen to the whole episode:

The Bees (about a urban Detroit family that moves to the country)

Love of Air ( a story about a crush, diving in Thailand, and almost dying)

Final Frontier ( a guy living in the Canadian wild looks for love)

Last Will (a wilderness rescue story)

Attack of the Nudies (if you don't listen to anything else, listen to this one. It is hilarious!)


See below for two other Podcasts I listened to this week and LOVED!

Ed Gavagan: A story about knots and surgeons

I listened to this as a podcast from Tune In radio...but it is also available on you tube or's about 15 minutes long. It is a great reminder of the good that comes from our healthcare system here in the U.S.....

The House of Dreams: A New Freakonomics Radio Podcast

The House of Dreams: A New Freakonomics Radio Podcast

In this episode, Stephen Dubner returns to his childhood home in Quaker Street, N.Y. It’s a drafty farmhouse on thirty-six acres where his parents, a pair of Brooklyn-born Jews who converted to Catholicism , raised eight devout children. The house, Dubner says, felt like the eleventh member of the family. Which is why his family took it so hard after his mother finally sold the house and the very bad thing happened to it. A while back, Dubner wrote a New York Times essay about this terrible turn of events. But now, as the podcast explains, there’s been a new development — a “boomerang story,” if you will...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Say What?

I just heard on NPR news that one of the options to solve the debt ceiling is for the treasury to make a trillion dollar platinum coin which would be given to the bank as 'payment'

Yeah. Um.

In related news I am going to write the words "twenty-five" on a piece of paper, dot the I with a smiley face and mail it to the electric company as ' payment'.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore (2011).mp4

For people who love real live books ....this short film wouldn't be the same if it were about e-readers.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

I went to Barnes & Noble today to support the book industry. I split my purchase between dead authors who won't get royalties (Gogol & Wodehouse) and still alive authors who will get royalties (Brooks & Klosterman).

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Teee---Veeee Nirvana....

Ahhh....this rarely happens but at this moment all is aligning for the PERFECT TELEVISION SEASON!!!

1) Downton Abbey Season 3 begins on PBS. (Shush all you haters or non-believers...this is a period piece soap opera. Kind of like a Barbara Cartland novel come to life.)
If you have seen the first season, then you might enjoy the Jimmy Fallon spoof which is hilarious: you tube link

2) The last episodes of Fringe start soon. Sad that the show is ending but I think this is going to wrap up the five seasons with a bang...or whimper...or perhaps a sigh of satisfaction.  Fringe is a cross between X Files and Star sort of have to be a geek to enjoy it.

3) Community, the Final Season starts (cross fingers) in February. You may know the show from the gossip about Chevy Chase ranting and raving about how much he hates the show. Well, ignore, him. It is a smart, funny show about a Community College study group. The episode where they parody the show Glee is hilarious.  The "Pulp Fiction" episode is can read about it HERE

4) Portlandia begins its new season on I don't have cable so I won't be able to see it but the sooner the season plays on TV, the sooner I can watch it online or on extremely funny. Here is one of the clips from the show Portlandia Unemployment Ad

5)Finally, if it is true and not just an internet rumor blown out of proportion, another season of Arrested Development is being released on Netflix.  Arrested Development was a funny show about a dysfunctional family made before it was cool to have weird shows on network TV. It was cancelled too soon and a small cadre of fans, such as myself, have been wanting it to be put back on the air.

Recipe for a Saturday Evening

1) A show with family intrigue, scent marking, dirt digging and grub eating.

2)Jarlsberg cheese and onion dip...made from 3 simple ingredients or just bought already made at the local deli.

3) My favorite new beer!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Finally, the 'Season' is over and I can ungrit my teeth.
Thank you, Mrs. Lime aka Michelle (one l or two l's in Michele?) for sending me a Christmas card.  It was a lovely surprise. I didn't send out cards or buy gifts this year. Not really into obligatory or non- obligatory holiday actions.
I think I will throw a dart at the 2013 calendar to choose next year's 'holidays'.  Maybe pick suggestions out of a hat for how to celebrate...
and the winners are for 2013 celebrations:

March 14, exchange gifts, dress in a costume and set off fire crackers.... call it Whatevermas.

July 30, light candles, give out candy, and eat stuffed it Another Damn Day.

October 19, go to church, barbecue, sing happy it St. Random-Holiday day.