Saturday, January 5, 2013

Teee---Veeee Nirvana....

Ahhh....this rarely happens but at this moment all is aligning for the PERFECT TELEVISION SEASON!!!

1) Downton Abbey Season 3 begins on PBS. (Shush all you haters or non-believers...this is a period piece soap opera. Kind of like a Barbara Cartland novel come to life.)
If you have seen the first season, then you might enjoy the Jimmy Fallon spoof which is hilarious: you tube link

2) The last episodes of Fringe start soon. Sad that the show is ending but I think this is going to wrap up the five seasons with a bang...or whimper...or perhaps a sigh of satisfaction.  Fringe is a cross between X Files and Star sort of have to be a geek to enjoy it.

3) Community, the Final Season starts (cross fingers) in February. You may know the show from the gossip about Chevy Chase ranting and raving about how much he hates the show. Well, ignore, him. It is a smart, funny show about a Community College study group. The episode where they parody the show Glee is hilarious.  The "Pulp Fiction" episode is can read about it HERE

4) Portlandia begins its new season on I don't have cable so I won't be able to see it but the sooner the season plays on TV, the sooner I can watch it online or on extremely funny. Here is one of the clips from the show Portlandia Unemployment Ad

5)Finally, if it is true and not just an internet rumor blown out of proportion, another season of Arrested Development is being released on Netflix.  Arrested Development was a funny show about a dysfunctional family made before it was cool to have weird shows on network TV. It was cancelled too soon and a small cadre of fans, such as myself, have been wanting it to be put back on the air.

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lime said...

LOVE downton. thought that fallon spoof was a scream. i burst out laughing when fred armisen showed up. portlandia is also funny. i have not seen any of the other shows.