Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Words I have learned recently

Well...not so much learned as seen or heard them and wondered about their meaning.

Leveret: a hare less than 1 year old

"My cat ate the leveret and spit up a hare ball."

Skeuomorph: a design on an object copied from the form of a completely different object
"My favorite skeuomorph is the wood paneling on a navy blue pt cruiser."

Albedo: reflection or radiation from the sun onto earth and bounced back into space.

"Put your sunglasses on --- that albedo from earth is blinding," said the alien from another galaxy .

Haline force: something to do with water temperatures causing density impelled circulation of the ocean , in particular a changing in direction of the flow.

"When the glaciers melt and oceans engulf the coast, I will shrug my shoulders and think haline force gotta do what it does."

Armistice: when fighting countries or people agree to stop fighting

"I wonder if the Americans who celebrated the first Armistice Day, 11/11/1918 thought war was over forever. If they did, they were dumbasses."

Let's hope that by 2018, we have a more permanent armistice.

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lime said...

i am such a word geek i love this post. your usages are a stitch. and i hope we have more permanent armistice before 2018.