Thursday, February 7, 2013

Seriously. Another snowstorm on the east coast? What is this, winter?

The weather.

It used to be a trivial conversation. Now, talking about how warm it is today compared to how cold it will be tomorrow could cause a global warming fight. At least it does where I live because there are still non- believers here.

My interest in the weather is directly related to what can I expect to be dripping from my dog as he comes in from the backyard.

Fall: leaves on his butt

Spring: muddy paws

Winter: snow on his coat

Summer: pollen in his nose (achoo)

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Lynilu said...

You're right .... weather discussions are no longer banal. My concerns are much like yours, but I don't have a lot of leaves since I live amidst pines. Fall is time for them to drag in dried weeds and grass from the yard.