Saturday, February 23, 2013

shopping woes

I was in the JC Penney fitting room and the size 16 clothes were too tight and size 18 too big. I think..." I really need to gain weight so I can fit into my clothes." Yeah. That is right. Sorry FLOTUS. I am aiming for the higher size. Gone are the days when I will try to lose weight. I am middle aged and I want to enjoy the coming fifth decade with a pillowed backside to ease the bumpy ride towards retirement.

I go back into the trenches of the racks of clothes. A kindly clerk approaches me and asks if I need assistance.
"Yes. I need slacks that will fit my butt and tummy but not be too baggy or long in the legs."

She tells me that I am so small she can't believe I need a size 18. Well I do. I show her my hips which I hide beneath a long sweater. I explain that the petite section doesn't go above size 16, the large lady section has only 18W which is too wide and the women's section(non-petite) slacks are too long. I can't find anything that fits.
The clerk sighs, "Yes. A lot of women have this problem."

"Then why the hell are folks in Bangladesh dying in fires and children in Thailand working 12 hours a day to make shit quality clothes that don't even fit our American fat but short asses?"

Of course I don't say that out loud.

Who makes the clothes sizes and why do they only make the two extremes: super wide and super skinny?

Oh. I wish I could sew.


Lynilu said...

I've been wondering that for a long time. I'm not short, but the sizing is insane. Actually, anything over 12 just goes to odd proportions, IMO. If it fits my hips, the waist is huge and the legs are sorta like palazzo pants. OK, not really, but the fit is hard to find, for sure. I hate clothes shopping.

lime said...

i know how to sew but pants.....they require a special type of patience and skill. and i hate trying to find pants that fit too. just frustrating all around.