Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Few LINKS of things which interest me....


On YouTube I have been watching videos on a channel called futureshorts...this video charmed me:
Two involves two people on  a dock, jumping into the water. That is all I will say.

I have been reading the Daily Mail online for gossip and such. I am not proud.
However, it is not all crap in Mail..check out this article about one of the coldest places in the world Oymyakon, Russia. The pictures are beautiful! Click it HERE that article led me to another fascinating article about a family that lived alone in Siberia for 40 years. I have posted a picture from the article here so you can see what their cabin looked like when it was found. Apparently, 40 years alone means no neighbors to complain about housing prices when your house falls to ruins. Click this   LINKY LOO to read the article.

And, as always, if you need a good laugh, I recommend browsing the Comme des Garcons runway fashion show on ...CLICK IT

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lime said...

all i can say is i have NEVER understood fashion like comes de garcons.