Sunday, March 3, 2013

short post that took me way too long to type on my stupid cell phone

Last evening I hung out at a bar with no windows with some coworkers. I have theory about bars with no windows but that was blown out of the water. I thought the place would be dark, dirty and sleazy instead it was dark, relatively clean and cozy.
So we were sitting at the bar while a large rowdy group kept toasting and throwing money on a table while playing something called bus. At one point I commented on the fun they were having and said we should join them. The bartender shakes his head and tells us theses folks just came from a funeral. At that moment someone makes a toast I can't hear but it brings the noise level down to zero. Silence from the back corner.. Then everyone else in the bar quiets down and there is awkwardness
When the clatter and chatter resumes, it is difficult to even hear the person seated near by which makes it impossible for my friend to call the bartender over for another drink order. We don't know the bartender's name so my friend calls him: " Hey, Green Shirt." I think that is slightly or dehumanizing so I yell:"Hey Green Shirt Dude!"

When he turns around and realizes we are calling him over, he says, "I am color blind. I have no clue what color shirt I am wearing."
I immediately respond with " Hey, shirt dude!" which was totally unnecessary because he was already standing there.

It is good to know that I can still get my immature on.

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Lynilu said...

LOL! Yes, it is good to know that your immaturity-get-on isn't broken!!