Saturday, April 20, 2013

Well, that was a crap-assed week, wasn't it?

I had a day off work on 04/15/13. I spent the morning getting my taxes done at a local business. The guy who did my taxes drove to work on a scooter so I am calling him Scooter Boy. Scooter Boy is literally half my age and not really a "boy" in any sense except that he seemed really young to me.
(46 divided by 2=23)
Wow. I have finally hit the age where folks who are half my age are full fledged adults.

Anyway, I came home, turned on the Ellen show, went into the kitchen to make coffee and came back to see the Boston Marathon bomb coverage. What can I say that hasn't already been said? It sucked. Of course it did. It sucks no matter where it happens and no matter who it happens to, but to bomb bystanders and runners at the 26 mile marker which was dedicated to the Newtown 26 seems particularly malevolent.

Then, we see the pictures of the suspects. Boys. The week ends with the 19 year old bomber boy hiding in a boat while MASSIVE and OVER THE TOP news coverage watches. 19. He is younger than Scooter Boy who did my taxes. How does one kid take the path that ends in being a bomber and the other kid take the path that ends in riding his scooter to work on April 15?
I suspect the paths are closer together than we think and that is the challenge. How do we as humans nudge our young people away from evil choices towards productive, benevolent choices?

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lime said...

i've had to wonder what turned these two brothers down the path they traveled. i just have no answers at all.