Sunday, June 2, 2013


I am trying to read. Lots & lots of books. I want to absorb as many words as possible while I can.
I think the end of Borders affected me more than I will admit. When I was 21ish I worked in the purchasing department at Book Inventory Systems which is what the Borders' headquarters was called in the 80's. I guess I knew the book business would change but I expected Borders to survive in some form. They didn't and now I worry other brick and mortar book stores will disappear as well.
It occurs to me how very very very lucky I am to live in a city with a good library, a Barnes & Noble, and several used bookstores. If we go to e-readers entirely then suddenly being able to read is directly tied to being able to afford electronic devices and an internet connection.
This would be a step backwards.
Perhaps it is an overstatement to say all that is good in this world is related to the increasing literacy of the world citizens. I don't think it is an exaggeration to say that, but I love to read so I am biased.
But the truth is books are there for people who don't love to read as well. In order to learn one must read or, at least, listen to a teacher who has read. Even folks who work in trades need words. A mechanic may read from a catalog of supplies when ordering a muffler. A cook reads recipes. A fisherman reads the weather report before setting sail. This alone is proof enough that we still need access to not just ephemeral words on a computer screen but also words on paper. I would suggest that folks also need access to books to read for no other reason but pleasure.
The mechanic reads Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.
The cook reads Like Water for Chocolate.
The fisherman reads The Old Man and the Sea.
These may not teach but the readers would be better off for having read them.
In the end, it doesn't matter by what format a book is read, except that some formats inherently limit who gets to read what.

So, as I said before, I am trying to read as much as possible. I am buying books and squirelling them away like a hoarder .

I am reading a lot. All sorts of books. I read three at a time: one non-fiction, one classic, one genre or non-classic fiction.

Currently one of the books I am reading is Burr by Gore Vidal (I am counting it as a classic). It was published originally around 1973. It is still in print, thank goodness. Let us hope it and other books survive into the future for as many readers as possible.

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lime said...

oh i could not agree more. truly. i love books. i am so glad i get to work in a library. i miss having a good bookstore. after borders left we did get a completely no frills book that sells remainders only. i do enjoy that and have found some wonderful books for sooooo cheap. but i do wish we had another bookstore with current things as well.