Sunday, September 29, 2013

dandelion in the grass

nothing sadder
than one lone
dandelion among the blades of grass.
if you asked
i could tell you what is sadder
than one lone
dandelion among the blades of grass;
but you don't ask,
you don't notice one dandelion
or loneliness.
you stand in the grass
and you think you see everything.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Morning

awake to urgency, I must
make it to the urinal on time
then let the dog outside
to relieve his urge as well.
the moon slices the sky
and hides the dawn riders,
the bugs and the bats who fly
one last round before the sun rises.

I look up and wonder what I am
seeing: are those four lights
the stars of the big dipper or
are they planets or planes
moving slowly? one flickers,
a flying object. it passes and three
random specks are left.
oh well, I will find the big dipper
another day...

in one hour, I will be
entombed in corporate life
where nothing flies or flickers
or pisses on the grass.

(PS.. I don't actually use a urinal. That word just seemed to fit the poem better.)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

i have been neglecting the blog in favor of twitter

I will not give up on the blog because I sincerely believe folks will  get tired of Facebook. The great masses of people will return to read our blogs, just believe.

Of course, 100 years ago there was probably someone saying "I won't give up on horses because I sincerely believe folks will get tired of  automobiles. The great masses of people will return to horse and buggies."
Actually, I am not even sure Facebook is the "IT" thing any longer. Most ladies my age seem to talk about Pintrest more than F**king. (facebooking, what did you think I meant?)

Well, my time is being spent on Twitter but that is mostly because I am lazy. It is easier to deal with 144 characters than write anything longer.
This morning I dropped this thought on the world via Twitter:

Keep a positive attitude! If you see a public toilet that has been pee'd on, think "at least they didn't crap on it".

(Of course that is more of a chick thing since we sit when doing our business.  Regardless of whether you stand or sit, remember the toilet seat is not half pee'd on, it's half clean.)

"This City is of Night, but not sleep; there sweet sleep is not for the weary brain. The pitiless hours like years and ages creep..." From a poem by James B.V. Thomson
Painting by me...entitled "Insomnia"