Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I would name this post Hello but Adele stole that title

I am still lurking about the internet but mostly on Twitter still under@mmmarystweet
Becoming a bit disillusioned with the tiny thoughts that 144 characters provide. My 2016 resolution is to write more so hopefully I will be back here more often.
I don't have a computer so I am still dependent on telephones, tablets or the library. (How soon modern technology has devolved into its most unusable form!)
I think about buying a typewriter to spite the electronics industry but then I think about alot of things.
I think about this time 20 years ago when I applied for a job at a University & I was given a typing test. A clerk sent me to a room to take the test. I was alone. The clerk didn't even make eye contact with me on the way in or out of the testing room. I jammed out a perfect super fast page of words. I mean p.e.r.f.e.c.t!
I had never typed so well. I usually could type slow & good or fast & full of mistakes. Never fast & good. I was so proud of myself but there was no Mr. Primavera(H.S. typing teacher) to praise me. There was no acknowledgement from the University clerk then or ever. In fact, later I was told the results of the typing test were thrown out because the next day they changed their rules & typing tests were no longer needed. (& the clerk who sent me to take the test didn't know that?)
Anyway, that is the way life is I guess. You can do something perfectly & the next day it is irrelevant.
So. I am not sure which irrelevant way I would like to write this blog: phone, laptop, tablet, typewriter or library computer. Hopefully I will pick one & stick to it & write more often.

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