Saturday, May 14, 2016


This is an ASMR post.
If you don't know what ASMR is then search the term on YouTube and watch one of the videos, preferably when you are suffering from insomnia.
I have become quite addicted to the brain tingles of ASMR. Its like brain sex.
Recently, as I relaxed to the sound of whispering and crinkling, I realized my whole life is based on unknowingly searching out the ASMR experience.
I love libraries and books. The turning pages, the soft low voices: asmr
I like to write longhand. The scratching of the pen: asmr
I work in an office. The tapping of keyboards, people snacking at their desks, files & faxes & phone sounds muted by cubicle walls: asmr
I am devoted to my pets. Dog chewing on a bone, cat purring & kneading the blanket: asmr

Ayn Rand wrote something about all people being selfish and that everything is done for one's own needs (that's the boiled down version of her beliefs)
I am kind of beginning to believe her. I mean, if my love of books was really about me unconciously getting my jollies from the sound of a turning page, then how can I trust my motives for anything? How can any of us?


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